A: We've been around since July 2016! A group of us were hanging out one day and realized how bare most of our walls were. We went online and realized just how inappropriately expensive these paintings were, and not only that, but how unoriginal the designs were as well! We're on a mission to provide affordable and unique designs to the masses!

We wish we could do them on a more consistent basis and it's a hot topic amongst us. Right now, it's a case by case basis but we are strongly considering making it a universal option in 2017.

A: Our prices are already very severly discounted. We've worked hard to form the right relationships with manufacturers that have the highest quality and business ratings, however we do have periodic sales, and if you ever send in a picture of yourself and write a good review (and also allow us to use that picture for future marketing material) we offer a 15% discount towards your next purchase :)

A: We accept all major credit cards and paypal. Unfortuantely we do not accept e-checks. Part of that reason is because all of our products are made to order so we want to get our daily orders in AS soon as possible, and e-checks typically take longer to process.

A: Great question! When we were looking at suppliers, it helped us answer a lot of questions ourselves as to the outrageous prices that we saw dominate the market thus far. As one of our core values is to deliver the greatest value possible, we decided to go with International Manufacturers because for the same quality, the price was about 75% less expensive and we wanted to pass those savings onto our customers.

Surprisingly, we also found that it cost almost $40 more to ship a framed canvas within the US, then from various countries to the US, and we thought that as a customer, you would rather invest that money into the actual product, as opposed to the logistics of it.

If you feel strongly about this as we understand some people do, you are more than welcome to contact us and we can get you a custom quote from one of our US suppliers.

A: Shipping generally takes about 2-5 business weeks. EACH canvas ordered is made to order from our international suppliers. We send out the orders at 12:30AM PST every night. Typically the lead time is about 2-3 days, and from then it gets shipped over to the US

A: Because of our unique business model, we accept refunds and exchanges up until 12:30AM US Pacific Time the next day. Which means, if you order a product on 12/1 at 10PM PST, you have until 12:29AM PST on 12/2 to exchange or cancel your order. The reason for that is because at 12:30AM PST we contact our manufacturer with the previous days orders and at that point cancelling becomes extremely difficult.

We accept returns for damaged goods up to 3 days after the delivery date.



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